How to Get Employer Funding

We understand that even if you are excited and want to go to a conference, it can be difficult to build up the courage to ask for funding to attend, especially given restricted budgets and cutbacks. Remember that the need for continued education has actually increased and if you believe that your career and your workplace can benefit from LABCON (and we think it will), you have to try.


Informal approach

Below are some points that you can use to approach the subject with your supervisor and get a sense of what you are entitled to for your professional development resources at work.

Explain the benefits:

Provide details on how the conference will help you do a better job, such as:

  • Learning from powerful speakers
  • Obtain practical solutions to complex problems
  • Investigate real-world case studies
  • Understand the latest technology available
  • Analyse best practices and management trends
  • Discover new approaches to standard situations
  • Discuss hot topics with colleagues and network with lab professionals from across Canada

Each benefit should explain how what you learn at LABCON can be directly used in your workplace now and into the future.


Formal approach

Put your ideas in writing and submit a proposal with reasons and benefits fully outlined. You will need to do your homework first and think of potential questions that may be asked, the biggest of which is cost.

Include the following:

  • List of sessions you plan to attend and explain why they would benefit you and your employer
  • List of exhibitors – note the efficiency with being able to visit so many of current and future business partners over a short time period under the one roof.
  • Don’t forget to include the cost of registration, airfare, meals (most are provided at the conference), ground transportation and accommodation in order to make it a well-rounded proposal.


For a simplified approach, CSMLS has also created a 1-page letter template. Just fill in the blanks and submit to your supervisor!

Template Letter for Funding Approval

Plan your strategy now and secure your approval to go.